Lilo Version conflict

Hannes Birnbacher mail at
Mon Oct 14 11:06:08 PDT 2002


I cant write lilo.conf to the MBR with my lfs 4, because Lilo 
22.2 says old MBR ist from Lilo 21.7.

Any hints?

There's a story behind it, with hours of work to restore 
destroyed host distribution, applying rescue disks etc., but I 
don't want to bore everybody with that one. Please don't believe 
I was too lazy to do some "man xyz". Even a MID would be welcome, 
because I seem to remember the question has been asked before but 
I'm not sure it was here in

Seems lilo -u would not delete MBR created by an other 
distribution, and even after doing lilo -U lilo refused to write 
a new MBR, because my /boot (with is on an extra partition, 
shared between LFS and my host distribution) still does contain 
files created by the previous lilo version.


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