grep and perl issues

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at
Sun Oct 13 19:14:36 PDT 2002

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 beally at wrote:

> When the above package was initially compiled during the preparation
> stage (chapter 5), there was no errors.
> However, since chrooting the package fails to make. It configures without
> any problems, I haven't deviated
> from the book and there have been no errors with any other packages. I've
> also since discovered that
> book 4 introduces the "--disable-perl-regexpr" switch which undoubtedly
> fixes this problem. I have tried to
> go back and recompile grep as outlined in chapter 5 but without success.
> Is there a way to resolve this
> issue this late in the book? Can I add these PCRE shared libraries to my
> lfs install, and if so where
> might I find the libraries?

Check the BLFS book for information about where to get the pcre package.
The main reason grep is being built without the pcre library for the
static build environment is that it's functionality simply isn't needed.
--disable-perl-regexpr is actually a do-nothing argument if you don't have
the pcre package installed anyway.

However, judging from what you've posted I suspect you've not been as tidy
as you needed to be about your headers.  The good news is that if you
build grep in the later chapter and go ahead and use the
--disable-perl-regexpr switch to it there too that it won't hurt anything
at all.  (That library is far too new for anyone to be writing shell
scripts for general distribution that would assume grep has been linked
with it, and the pcre package comes with a pcregrep binary that makes
doing so somewhat silly anyway.)

Once you've gotten all of the other LFS stuff sorted out, build and
install pcre as instructed in the BLFS book to clean up the mess somewhat
(by simply overwriting the older installation) and then you should be able
to build grep linked to it if you like.

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