LILO graphical splash screens for LFS

Martin Kavec martin.kavec at
Sat Oct 12 03:39:21 PDT 2002

Paul Roberts wrote:

> Finally and at last I got around to doing a graphical LILO boot screen for
> LFS.  There's two of them up there, one looks like the web site and the
> other is just for geeks with a CRT fetish.
> Since some of the other ones I've done have gotten complaints to the tune
> of "there's not enough space for menu entries" these should be able to
> handle about forty-five different images to boot.  Frankly, I don't know
> how the _boot sector_ will handle that, but hey...
> Here's the URL for the images...
Hi Paul,

I have just finished LFS4.0 and thought about a LILO splash screen. The 
LFS4.0 installs a lilo-22.2 and has a link to bootlogo hint (LILO boot 
splash screen) which, however assumes lilo-21.7. So, I am a bit confused. 
Can I patch 22.2 with 21.7. In addition, the links in bootlogo hint lead to 
unexisting server.
Could you please, explain me, how did you managed?

Thanks in advance.

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