LFS this weekend! WOOOOO!!!

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Fri Oct 11 23:12:39 PDT 2002

Ok! I'm fed up with Mandrake and now I've got some free time! This is my 
chance to reinstall LFS ;)

One thing I want to know (probably a silly question): Do I need devfs for cd 

The reason I ask is, both mandrake and my old lfs had nonfunctioning 
bass/treble controls in the mixer. They both used devfs. Coincidence? Suffice 
it to say that every system I've seen using devfs had broken bass/treble 
controls, and every system without it had working ones. For me, thumping bass 
is *much* more important than any illusory benefits provided by devfs. But it 
occured to me that cdburning might need it (dunno why). Having to choose 
between good bass and cdburning will be a tough call ;)

Thanks guys, you rock!

Rob Park
"Pok pok pok, P'kok!"
-- Superchicken

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