Perl doesn't configure properly, help?????

Jeremy Utley jutley3 at
Fri Oct 11 18:39:36 PDT 2002

On 10/12/2002 at 1:32 AM Luke A. Guest wrote:

>Jeremy Utley wrote:

>> Just as an aside, I've ran into the "stray 0" problem on Perl, and for
>> it was covered in the FAQ - is your /dev there and correct?  As I
>> it, a missing or invalid /dev/null entry will cause this.
>I just got an answer from the *.dev* list; basically, it's got someting to 
>do with /dev/random - I'm getting ready for a devfs system, and that's why 
>it's knackered. Haven't proved that yet tho ;-D
Hey Luke, that sounds about right.  I knew it was something having to do with a file in the /dev dir not being present. Give you a little tip if you're going to build a DevFS system - while you do all the building, do a mount -bind from your host system's /dev to your lfs /dev, like this (command executed outside chroot, of course):

mount -bind /dev /mnt/lfs/dev

That way, you don't waste inodes for your /dev structure that will just be overlaid with the devfs /dev structure.  I do it this way, and it works great.

IIRC, it was Erika who first mentioned doing this a long time ago.

Hope this helps!


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