No SWAP and No Login Prompt

Aaron Lawrence Broad oube at
Thu Oct 10 15:09:04 PDT 2002


I just installed LFS from the CVS dated Oct 6th, 2002.  Everything
compiled well.  And I added the new kernel to my GRUB boot manager in my
gentoo installation.  Rebooted. The kernel came up fine.. and the rest
of the boot script seemed to all work flawlessly except two problems:

The first one I think is minor in that the system should still work.
That is the swap device doesn't get "swapon"ed. Its says it can't stat
/dev/hda5 (which is my swap device).  It says so such file or device..
or something like that.I copied the line fromt he LFS manual with
/dev/hda5 set in my /etc/fstab.  That one didn't work.  SO I copied the
swap line from /etc/fstab on my gentoo partition and still the same

I press enter to get throught th red text on that.  ANd everything else
comes up fine.  Lots of green OKs.. my networking, everything. Then it
gets to the point where I think it should display the login prompt but
it just stops.  Doesn't display a login prompt.  I waited from 20
mins..still nothing.  I though maybe it was /dev/pts.. so I tried
mounting and unmounting it in fstab.. still same error...   The system
isn't locked up though. because if I press ctrl-alt-delete it does a
nice orderly shutdown.

Anyways, if I get those two things working, its a great little book. 
Hope someone knows what my problem is.

Thanks in advance,
Aaron Broad

oube at

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