Compiling QT 3.x in LFS 3.3

Al T. at at
Wed Oct 9 07:26:51 PDT 2002

Uncle Bungle wrote:

> When I run make, the build fails at random points due
> to "internal compiler errors". . . . I was wondering
> if anyone else has had similar problems and what they
> did to solve them.
> Vital system statistics:
> AMD K6-2/450 128meg SD RAM
> LFS V3.3
> QT-x11-free-3.0.5
> XFree86 V4.2.0

Yep!  I've had those problems before with the K6-2/450.  Your system sounds 
very close to mine.

I usually have my system overclocked to 500 MHz.  But, when I try to compile 
large packages at that speed, I start getting errors.  If I reduce the 
speed back to 450, I get none!  Anwer: overheating.  I have a really good 
fan on the chip, but it is not enough when compiling something so complex.

My recommendation: Make sure your chip stays cool by:

- Getting a better heatsink/fan
- Getting extra case fans to improve general airflow (get the heat out of 
the case)
- Slow down the processor to 400 or less (until you don't get any errors)

Something else you can do is let the chip idle for a bit, then resume the 
make process.  It should pick up where it left off and fix the problems 
(not guaranteed, of course).


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