lfs boots, but where's the login prompt??

Ben benhoskings at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 9 05:22:12 PDT 2002

I had that problem once - it was because I'd changed to devfs, and my 
getty couldn't find /dev/tty cause devfs puts terminal devices under 
/dev/vc/* . So, that could well be the problem. I'd guess if that's not 
it then it's _something_ to do with devices, and it's almost certainly 
got something to do with your getty.

Judd wrote:
> I installed the cvs version of lfs (20020914), and it has been working 
> really well for a while.  Now, however, when I try to start lfs, it boots 
> up, runs the bootscripts, and when it loads the last script (alsa in my 
> case), everything just stops.... no login prompt, no anything.
> I can press CTRL-ALT-DEL to reboot, but thats about it.  I can't even get 
> into other terminals.
> Any ideas on how to fix this?
> Thank-you

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