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> > > > I want to build a LFS system which only contains the files and
> > > > folders nessesary to be FHS compliant,
> > >
> > > And why is that useful?
> >
> > Er, so one may test a new package for compliance?
> What kind of compliance do you mean? A package is FHS compliant if it
> installs to the "correct" directories.

A) You may also need to confirm that the package expected to find other 
material in the FHS specified location.

B) In order to confirm the correct installation, the easiest approach is to 
start from a known clompiant state - then attempts to create directories etc 
would be easier to notice.

> To check this you don't need a pure
> FHS system. Or do you mean to test if a package uses only programs that
> the FHS specifies?

Well, not binaries, no, but see (A)

>Why would such a test be useful?

Potentially to test/assess the validity of the FHS itself?

> The FHS does not even
> mention /usr/bin/cc or /bin/cc (and actually the FHS doesn't even claim to
> contain a complete list of recommended programs).

I never said it did, I was only pointing to a *potental* reason for wanting a 
'pure' system. Maybe the original question came from a guy who simply wanted 
to do it for accademic purposes.

> Do you plan to complain
> to developers that their source code package expects a C compiler?

Nope, but I might if it required (e.g.) Kylix!

> If you want a standard to test against, it should be the LSB (which
> references FHS but goes beyond it).

To be honest, I'd prefer a config/make/install system which was independent of 
hardware/software platform. BUT I know that is beyond practical realisation.

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