How to build a FHS system

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> > > Hello all,
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> > > I want to build a LFS system which only contains the files and
> > > folders nessesary to be FHS compliant,
> >
> > And why is that useful?
> Er, so one may test a new package for compliance?

What kind of compliance do you mean? A package is FHS compliant if it
installs to the "correct" directories. To check this you don't need a pure
FHS system. Or do you mean to test if a package uses only programs that
the FHS specifies? Why would such a test be useful? The FHS does not even
mention /usr/bin/cc or /bin/cc (and actually the FHS doesn't even claim to
contain a complete list of recommended programs). Do you plan to complain
to developers that their source code package expects a C compiler?
If you want a standard to test against, it should be the LSB (which
references FHS but goes beyond it).

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