what exactly means "Installation Dependencies"?

Hannes Birnbacher mail at hannes-birnbacher.de
Mon Oct 7 23:54:31 PDT 2002

Antwort auf die E-Mail vom Mo 07 Okt 2002 11:20:48p :

>> I'm a little confused by the way you phrased things,
>> because if you're operating from _within_ the static build
>> environment, then _one_ of those binaries should be the
>> ones built by SuSe.  Possibly you need to be clearer.
> Drek.  s/_one_/_none_/;

Txs for the clarification (and I learnt a new word from the 
English language, which seems to be of German origin;-).

You are correct, of course. If I want to know if I've compiled a 
program file like, for example, "find", I will cd into the 
$LFS/static/bin directory and type "./find --version". Either I 
see an id string like "find version 4.1 etc." or maybe the 
program file is not there or I made a mistake and did not link it 
statically, so I would not get the expected result.

If I, contrary to that, would like to know if I have the same 
program file on my host distribution, I would type on the console 
"find --version", and bash will find the program file in the 
path, for example /bin, and not the one situated in 

The difference to search for the program files with "find" is, 
that by this I can be sure they are working properly.

Concerning the missing program files, I found out that gasp, 
mentioned in the lfs book as a binutil file, is not mentioned in 
the doc-files of binutils, and the "gasp" from my host 
distribution is Version 1.2, which makes it doubtful if it is 
part of modern binutils, now in the 2.13 range. I think the entry 
in the LFS book may be obsolete, but of course, there might be 
something I do not yet understand properly.
Some of the files from Findutils which I thought were missing in 
the 20020215 version of the LFS book I found in libexec, so 
that's one of the cases where I did not search long enough. 
Probably I should have a look at the makefiles to see what they 

Knowing my bad luck, I still might come upon the "multiple target 
pattern" error next time I try to install Glibc2.2.5 (chapter 6) 
which was the reason to start all over again. But then I will 
know I tried as hard as I could to do the job correctly. It is 
not dishonorable to lose a battle; it is dishonorable not to 

Regards, Hannes
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