what exactly means "Installation Dependencies"?

Hannes Birnbacher mail at hannes-birnbacher.de
Mon Oct 7 14:17:06 PDT 2002

Antwort auf die E-Mail vom Mo 07 Okt 2002 07:37:29p :

> I'm a little confused by the way you phrased things,

Sorry, it's not my own language, and not my own profession ... 
even if my first experiments were with Coherent, first version, 
and that's a long time ago;-).

> As to the automake, autoheader, etc stuff... (...)
> They're not even partially necessary at this 
> point, so don't worry about them.

Txs for reassuring me:-)
>> Now how is it possible (...)

> This would fall under the heading of "borrowing troubles". 

Txs, I needed to be sure;-). I got LFS up and running in March, 
but when I tried to do the same with LFS 3.3 I run into problems 
and started again with the 4.0 book ("from scratch", so to 
say;-). I think the percentage of my mistakes is too high still 
to work sucessfully, so I am checking if I understood the little 
but important items correctly. Just want to be sure that it was 
only some typo on the way, which causes my problems, and not, for 
example, something missing in my host distribution.

> If you really want to know
> for sure whether you need something that you don't have
> that's listed in the book as something you need at that
> point, then ask the list about it. 

Txs, your reply and Dylan's have shown to me that there's nothing 
basically wrong in what I'm doing. I must have forgotten 
something last time, or built something as "root" and not 
chown'ed it to "lfs" or so. I'm busily studying the LFS book and 
other books so I hope I won't bother the list too frequently. 

Txs again, 

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