perl configure problem...again!

Luke A. Guest laguest at
Mon Oct 7 12:35:35 PDT 2002


I have seen this problem before, but I canot remember how to fix it. 
Basically, if I follow the commands for configuring perl-5.8.0 I get a 
broken makefile:

ake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/perl-5.8.0/x2p'
Now you must run 'make'.

If you compile perl5 on a different machine or from a different object
directory, copy the file from this object directory to the
new one before you run Configure -- this will help you with most of
the policy defaults.

makefile:856: *** missing separator.  Stop.

This is a spurious "0" character at the beginning of the line, just before 
this stuff:

av$(OBJ_EXT): av.c
av$(OBJ_EXT): av.h
av$(OBJ_EXT): config.h

Now, I just configured it in redhat and it doesn't give me this problem. 
What are we missing from LFS (or what have I done wrong) to make this 


P.S: This really should be in the book, as it's not the first time I have 
seen it and I'm sure others have too.

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