System V vs. BSD

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Mon Oct 7 12:30:38 PDT 2002

On Mon, 07 Oct 2002 04:45:09 -0400 Michael Wu
<edf_iceburner at> wrote:

> Use SysV, because easy to setup and is layed out step-by-step in the
> book. Then, after you get annoyed 
> (, use
> the dependancy based init scripts and init found in simpleinit-MSB, 
> . Use the included scripts or 
> clobber your own mix together.

But be aware of simpleinit-msb's limitations. It is not a full replacement
for SysVinit. If you have a UPS, want to respawn xdm in runlevel 5 only or
want to use daemontools, then simpleinit-msb is not for you.


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