Possible to minimalize write-access to the IDE-drive ? (SOLVED)

Nils Emil Pejstrup Larsen ne at it.dk
Mon Oct 7 11:01:54 PDT 2002


 >> It seems (?) to be a problem that "/dev" is mounted read-only.

Justin Hibbits wrote:
 > The easiest way would be to use devfs, that way, /dev exists only in kernel
RAM.  Another thing you could do is put /dev onto the ramdisk.

Thank you very much. I'm now able to boot and use my system with a 
read-only root file system and a ram disk.

I asked how I could mount the root (/) read only. This is how it can be done:

* /dev, /var and /tmp must atleast be writeable
* Read devfs hint: Go through Section I: This is an alternative to using 
the ordinary /dev directory.
* Now /dev is writable (in kernel memory). Take care of /var and /tmp:
* Create boot script: Create RAM disk and mount it (/mnt/ramdisk), unpack 
(tar -xzf ...) contents of /var and create dir /tmp on it
* Create symbolic links, e.g. ln -s /mnt/ramdisk/var /var
* I'm using Apache. I created a symlink for the 'log' directory pointing to 
the ram disk

Nils Emil P. Larsen

PS. Today I figured out this is not the correct list for my question. Next 
time I will post a to blfs-support with the same kind of problem. Sorry!

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