glibc error(3.3)

Pushpendra Maharya pushpendram at
Mon Oct 7 00:53:43 PDT 2002

While compiling glibc from book 3.3 on Red Hat 7.3 it asks for some option 
and stops.And it is not shoing that I have no name it is showing bash 
instead .

checking for local label subtraction... no
checking for libgd... no
checking size of long double... 0
running configure fragment for ../glibc-2.2.5/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux
checking installed Linux kernel header files... 2.0.10 or later
*** On GNU/Linux systems it is normal to compile GNU libc with the
*** `linuxthreads' add-on.  Without that, the library will be
*** incompatible with normal GNU/Linux systems.
*** If you really mean to not use this add-on, run configure again
*** using the extra parameter `--disable-sanity-checks'.

I have done veverything according to the book.

Best Regards & Wishes
Pushpendra Maharya

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