LILO config for multiple hard drive setup

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>> Firstly, let me say that I have been wondering for a while on how to do
>> a linux system from scratch and the book is excellent to this end. That
>> being said, my question is this: In reading the ending pages of the 4.0
>> guide it talks about how to set up LILO. If I were to set up lfs on hdb
>> from an install of debian 2.2r6 on hda and were then to remove hda from
>> the computer, would that pose problems booting because LILO is in the
>> MBR on hda (I could be completely wrong in that assumption but that's
>> always how I've thought it works) or would I be safe because LILO is
>> installed with my lfs installation. If it would pose a problem booting
>> how can I fix it, presumably by putting LILO in the MBR of hdb (I could
>> also be wrong about that assumption). Thank you!

> If it is anything like my system, you will have to change jumpers on
> hdb to make it master instead of slave, after removing hda.  Not only
> will the mbr be gone, but hdb will be renamed hda, meaning any
> reference to hdb in /etc/lilo.conf will have to be changed.  But maybe
> things have gotten better since the 33 MHz, Pentium MMX system to which
> I am referring :-)  But, if things get completely fscked, one can
> always run tom's root/boot disk (would be best to create it before
> removing hda), and then boot from floppy.  There are version issues
> between tom's root/boot disk and LFS, so I have had to rename the /boot
> directory and create a new one.  But all the files needed to get the
> system bootable again should be in one of two locations - (1) the
> /etc directory after booting from floppy, and (2) wherever you choose
> to mount /dev/fd0 after booting from floppy.  Once you get the system
> bootable, you can restore the old /boot directory and use the version
> of lilo that comes with LFS.

Actually..  most newer system can boot from any position, not only the
hda disk. The BIOS normally tries the first drive, then the next, then
the  third...  and so on untill it finds a bootable medium. Check this
in your computers BIOS.

- Anders

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> BK

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