Compiling error wil compiling "findutils"

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Sat Oct 5 12:50:55 PDT 2002

Dear all,

I'm a total newbee (my first build) in the LFS and have a problem with compiling the " findutils" package from the LFS 3.3.
In this case I'm using a Redhat 7.0 as my default for building it.

At the moment I'm at page 72 of the manual ('m running LFS from a seperate disk).
Thill then the manual was quite streaght foreward (with exeption of some details).

After I have done the patch (and also without) and i give the command:
	./configure --prefix=/usr

The configuration stops which the following message:
	checking for -lsun... (cached) no
	checking for -lseq... no
	checking for getmntent... no
	checking whether closedir returns void... configure: error: can not run test program while cross compiling

How can I turn off the "cross compiler" or is there something else to be done?

Can some of you help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance,


Ton Versteeg

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