The lfs-support FAQ Posting for 25 - 27 September, 2002

Seth W. Klein sk at
Sat Oct 5 09:14:35 PDT 2002

Antony Stone <Antony at> wrote:
> On Sunday 29 September 2002 8:38 pm, Seth W. Klein wrote:
> > As discussed on lfs-dev, this is a test of posting a small excerpt of
> > the FAQ containing those entries that came up on the list during the
> > past week.
> Rather than basing it simply on queries which came up in the past week, would 
> it be possible to keep a running total of the queries, and post the most 
> popular ones, even if they didn't happen to come up in the past 7 days ?
> That way you're more likely to provide answers to the commonest questions, 
> instead of just hoping that the same questions come up next week as last week.
> I don't know how you're keeping score of which questions came up, though, and 
> whether a running total like this (which I guess should have some mechanism 
> for old questions to get dropped, as well) is feasible ?

It would be possible, but i'm not trying to post the FAQ. I cannot
do that because some object to its size. I expect everyone to go to
the site and read the FAQ before posting whenever they have a problem
or consider answering one.

I have three goals with this posting. The first is to increase
the FAQ's visibility. This helps newbies who aren't clued enough
to look for a FAQ.

The second is to provide a way for regulars to see what's new without
monitoring CVS commit messages on lfs-book. This makes it easier
for regulars to avoid posting answers that are in the FAQ.

The third is to give a heads up to regulars who do post answers
already in the FAQ.

None of these require posting an item more than once and the last two
are hurt by doing so because regulars don't like to read anything twice.

However, if i was trying to distribute the FAQ on the lists, i would
definitely do something like you suggest, and i appreciate your input.

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