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Ben benhoskings at
Fri Oct 4 04:06:23 PDT 2002

You may well be right, but I remember looking at some HDParm screenshots 
at that show the start of the disk performing at 45 - 
50 MB/sec, while the end of the disk struggles to reach 25 or 30. I've 
got my data setup at the end of the disk, but I'm yet to see if it 
actually makes a difference [I haven't benchmarked it].

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In any case, HDD's are interesting things, that's for sure. I dismantled 
one a couple of months ago and powered it up - the motors and 
positioning magnets inside are so damn cool. :D
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Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> On Sat, 21 Sep 2002 11:59:58 +1000 Ben <benhoskings at> wrote:
>>This will work perfectly but one thing to think about is that the start 
>>of a HDD is quite a bit faster than the end,
> AFAIK, this is outdated for modern disks. If you map increasing LBA
> numbers to access speed you will get a more complex pattern than a simple
> linear increase or decrease. If you want to optimize partition placement
> you will need a program that reads (and writes) the whole disk raw (i.e.
> without any buffering by the kernel) from front to back and measures
> speed. But I think this is a wasted effort. Seek times (which are orders
> of magnitude higher than read/write time for a sector), buffering by the
> filesystem driver and the fact that these days disk access is done in the
> background with DMA are likely to annihilate any differences the placement
> would make.

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