Possible to minimalize write-access to the IDE-drive ?

dagmar at speakeasy.net dagmar at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 3 16:21:25 PDT 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Nils Emil Pejstrup Larsen wrote:

> Hello
> Thank you all for your answers.
> I read the Boot CD-hint to help me do the following:
> Create a 2MB ramdisk
> Mount it /mnt/ramdisk
> Move /tmp and /var to the ramdisk
> Create symlinks with "ln -sf"
> It seems (?) to be a problem that "/dev" is mounted read-only. Modprobe is
> still complaining about missing "char-major-7". Telnet fails with "all
> networks ports in use" because "openpty" fails. Apache will not start (no
> reason given).
> What steps is to be taken ?

Well, until you yourself know exactly which files in /dev need to be there
and at what times, /dev needs to be writeable.  (And in actuality, it will
probably STILL need to be writeable.)  The good news is that /dev/ can
typically be stripped down to under 50 files with little or no trouble.

(I just checked the LFS and it doesn't say anything about that so don't
feel bad.  I'll bother the author about that point if I can come up with a
few more reasonable arguments one way or the other)

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