gnome-libs 1.42 + which db version ?

dagmar at dagmar at
Thu Oct 3 16:13:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, julius junghans wrote:

> hi
> the gnome libs says always that my db isnt db 1.85 compactibil...
> i tried many db versions with the configure options --enable-compat185

Enh... no biggie.  Remove the versions you've installed before and get
3.1.17 (I'm assuming you want to run Evolution and it needs _that_
specific version).  Pass the configure script the arguments
--enable-shared --enable-compat185 --enable-cxx in addition to the
--prefix=/usr (I HOPE that's what you're using, otherwise you'll need to
tell gnome-libs about the other prefix probably).  Do the install as
usual, and then make a /usr/include/db3 directory, and inside that put
syminks pointing to wherever the _real_ files db.h, db_185.h, and
db_cxx.h are sitting.

The reason you have to have that subdirectory is something you can blame
RedHat for.

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