Possible to minimalize write-access to the IDE-drive ?

Nils Emil Pejstrup Larsen ne at it.dk
Thu Oct 3 09:02:41 PDT 2002

> > I'm using LFS 3.3 on a 486 with a IDE-compatible flash hard drive.
> > I have a 1.000.000 times write limit on each sector. Read is unlimited.
> >
> > <snip>
> > I tried to mount / read-only. A lot of things ceased to work: Apache
> > (couldn't open log file), telnet (all network ports in use). Modprobe
> > couldn't locate char-xxx. NFS did work by the way.
>No assurance of success. *Some* program make the effort to know the
>difference between syslink and real file. But, what you need to do is move
>the items that will be written of that drive and point ot them with
>symlinks. This *may* affect the sequence and operation of items during the
>boot process. You can disable kernel logging. Move files and/or
>directories *normally* affected by frequent maintenance activities too.


Thank you all for your answers.

I read the Boot CD-hint to help me do the following:
Create a 2MB ramdisk
Mount it /mnt/ramdisk
Move /tmp and /var to the ramdisk
Create symlinks with "ln -sf"

It seems (?) to be a problem that "/dev" is mounted read-only. Modprobe is 
still complaining about missing "char-major-7". Telnet fails with "all 
networks ports in use" because "openpty" fails. Apache will not start (no 
reason given).

What steps is to be taken ?

Nils Emil P. Larsen

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