minimum base system for creating lfs

Jeremy Utley jutley3 at
Tue Oct 1 20:48:08 PDT 2002

The way I would do it is, split the 2.5 GB drive in half, use the first half for your host distro (say, Slack 8.1's A, D, L, and N series), and the second part for LFS.  Once your LFS is finished, you can substitute the host distro's partition somewhere into your current structure - /home or /usr would be good choices, IMHO.


On 10/2/2002 at 12:01 PM john smith wrote:

>I have an old 2.5g drive in an old pc that I want to create my lfs system
>on. trouble is I have nothing to install my base system on except three
>drives 200/124/124mb.
>I can create a system with 400mb raid and a tiny swap partition but will
>this be enough to get developement stuff I need on there. if so what is the
>bare minimum packages I need (I'm using a Mandrake 7.2 cd I found)
>If 400mb is not enough can anyone suggest a better way to do the install?..
>I could split my 2.5 gig and install it on that but at the end of the
>installation I will only want my lfs install and not my base system..
>If not is there someone in Melbourne I can borrow a 1 gig drive off to do
>install my base system to. I am unemployed and my girlfriend wont pay for a
>hdd. (she hates linux 2).
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