minimum base system for creating lfs

Bob Kimmel rkimmel at
Tue Oct 1 19:25:17 PDT 2002

> I have an old 2.5g drive in an old pc that I want to create my lfs system
> on. trouble is I have nothing to install my base system on except three
> drives 200/124/124mb.
> I can create a system with 400mb raid and a tiny swap partition but will
> this be enough to get developement stuff I need on there. if so 
> what is the
> bare minimum packages I need (I'm using a Mandrake 7.2 cd I found)
> If 400mb is not enough can anyone suggest a better way to do the 
> install?..
> I could split my 2.5 gig and install it on that but at the end of the
> installation I will only want my lfs install and not my base system..
> If not is there someone in Melbourne I can borrow a 1 gig drive off to do
> install my base system to. I am unemployed and my girlfriend wont 
> pay for a
> hdd. (she hates linux 2).

I've built several LFS systems on the same partition as the
host system.  The procedure is as follows:

(1) Build according to the LFS book, except simply create a directory
    in the host partition file system instead of mounting another

(2) When finished, run the lilo command from within the chroot environment.
    If it fails, do not shutdown or restart the system until the problem
    is resolved, lilo is run again from the host system, whatever...

(3) Boot up from floppy, using Tom's root/boot disk

(4) Mount the hard disk partition on /mnt

(5) Create a directory such as /mnt/OLD.LINUX and move all the other
    directories in /mnt into this new directory

(6) Move the directories from your LFS directory down into /mnt

(7) Reboot from the hard disk

(8) When everything is up and running properly, and you don't need anything
    from the host distribution, delete the /OLD.LINUX directory

This procedure has worked everytime for me.  I have heard somewhere the
claim that running lilo from within a chroot is dangerous, although I'm
not sure exactly what the dangers are.  When I have accidentally trashed
the boot sector by using a misconfigured lilo.conf, whatever, I have
been able to get things going again working only from Tom's root/boot disk.
(This usually involves creating a whole new /boot directory, since there
are some version issues between Tom's root/boot and LFS.)  But that's
the worst that has ever happened to me.  (Anyone like to elaborate on
the issues, if any, of running lilo from within a chroot?)  No guarantees
it will work for anyone else, though...

Hope that helps at least a little...


Bob Kimmel
Bendheim Center for Finance
Department of Economics
Princeton University
rkimmel at

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