building lfs from a crippled computer???

da02043 da02043 at
Tue Oct 1 08:29:56 PDT 2002

Hi all...

I have a weird problem that is kind of off topic, but here goes anyway...

I have an *old* laptop collecting dust, and i have been wondering what it 
would take to get it up and running with LFS. 

The problem is it doesnt have enough diskspace to install a host distro *and* 
lfs, and it doesnt have a cd-rom drive so i can build LFS from a boot cd. 

I was thinking that i might be abel to boot off a floppy based mini distro 
with nfs support that would allow me to chroot to a real distro via the 
network so i could start the installation on the empty disk on my laptop. Is 
this even possible? Does anybody know of a floppy based distro that could do 

Are there other ways i could do this that i have overlooked?

I would prefer not to install a donor distro on the laptop because i want to 
have only one partition to conserve space.

John Nielsen
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