attempting to boot with loadlin

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Sat Nov 30 13:37:22 PST 2002

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> When I finished the LFS system, I exited from chroot and copied lfskernel
to the windows partition as follows:
> cp $LFS/boot/lfskernel /mnt/windows/lfs/lfskernel
> This didn't work.  Any suggestions how I should copy it.I guess I could
copy it to a floppy from linux and use rawrite to copy it to the windows
partition.  WIll this work or is there an easier way?  Thanks!

That "should" work, how do you have you windows partition mounted? I'd
almost guess the text translation is turned on, can't think of any other
reason a simple cp would corrupt the file like that. Look for conv=t   or
conv=a in the options for  your dos partition, in your /etc/fstab . The
driver would have no way of knowing without an extension that this is a
binary file, and it shouldn't perform any translation.
man mount
/options for fat
And scroll down to the conv= option.

CRLF<-->NL  translation on binary files, is rather destructive ;-)

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