cannot run /bin/bash: Permission denied

luis jure luisjure at
Sat Nov 30 05:50:25 PST 2002

hello list,

my lfs 4.0 has been working quite well for a couple of weeks, but now a problem suddenly arouse: i can't login as a normal user. as soon as i type my password, i see a message saying "can't cd to "/home/lj" and it logs out. 

i can login as root, and if i try su lj i see "su: cannot run /bin/bash: Permission denied". 

i didn't change anything, /bin/bash has the right permissions, and /etc/passwd has the right entry for lj, as it used to be. i created and deleted other users, all with the same problem.

this happened just after i run -as root- a script to install flash plugins, but that should be just a coincidence, i took a look at it and it just seems a harmless bash script that checks directories and copies a couple of plugins to /usr/lib/netscape/plugins.

oh my, just when i was beginning to think that lfs was accessible to me after all...


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