Keys disappear after login?

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Sat Nov 30 04:37:59 PST 2002

[30.11.2002] Tomas Willebrand <-- :
> I have the åäö (swedish) keys after reboot using the se-latin1
> keymap but after logging in as root these 3 keys disappear! The
> map is loaded OK during the boot. Nothing happens when I press
> them. Everything else on the keyboard appears as normal.

You mean you don't see the corresponding characters being printed
on your screen?

> I have no profile, inputrc or bashrc file in my LFS system but when
> checking the Mandrake distribution for these files I can't see any
> commands that would help?

1. inputrc, here: set {convert,input,output}-meta commands
2. temporarily for testing with bash commandline: bind 'set ...'
3. pointing to inputrc in bash config files with INPUTRC=

> Is it a problem with the kernel that only appears after I login (I am
> not certain what language modules I should include) or do I lack
> some command in any start up file.

The nls you activate in the kernel config have nothing to do with
your keyboard, if that's what you mean with "problem with the kernel".
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