Keys disappear after login?

Tomas Willebrand tomas.willebrand at
Sat Nov 30 00:48:48 PST 2002

Dear list;

I have installed LFS 4.0 according to the book using Mandrake 8.2 
on a Compaq Presario E714. I had some problems with 
synchronising the /boot directories and had to move a few more 
files than the commands in the book did. 

However, I experience an odd problem:

I have the åäö (swedish) keys after reboot using the se-latin1 
keymap but after logging in as root these 3 keys disappear! The 
map is loaded OK during the boot. Nothing happens when I press 
them. Everything else on the keyboard appears as normal.

I have no profile, inputrc or bashrc file in my LFS system but when 
checking the Mandrake distribution for these files I can't see any 
commands that would help?

Is it a problem with the kernel that only appears after I login (I am 
not certain what language modules I should include) or do I lack 
some command in any start up file.

I have searched the net and the lfs-support archive withouth any 

Any hint would be most helpful!

Your Sincerely

Tomas Willebrand

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