New kernel dir

J_Man jeremy at
Fri Nov 29 03:59:24 PST 2002

In article <20021129111552.GA454 at urusai.localnet.rcl>, Richard Lightman wrote:
> * J_Man <jeremy at> [2002-11-29 10:51]:
>> In article <000501c29765$5c158340$3200a8c0 at cheeezexp>, "The Cheeze" wrote:
> ls -l /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build
> If you followed the book precisely, this should be a symlink to
> /usr/src/linux. If you were more careful, the kernel sources would be
> in /usr/src/linux-<version>, and /lib/modules/*/build would point at
> the right places.

I never knew about this particular symlink...learn something new every day.
> I have heard that the recent 2.5.* kernels unpack into linux-2.5.*
> to save people the trouble of renaming them.
> Richard

Actually, 2.4 series started doing this as of 2.4.19 as well.  IMHO, makes it
really nice, so you don't have to worry about the new kernel overwriting the
old one!

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