PC Hardware - How do I know?

Brian Shortridge bshortridge at tellumat.com
Fri Nov 29 03:08:47 PST 2002


I'm a relative newbie to linux and have been installing lfs 4.0 using Red
Hat 7.1 as a base system. I've been following the book exactly and have now
gotten to the point of installing linux-2.4.19.

When running <make menuconfig>, it asks me all sorts of technical questions
regarding my hardware to which I don't know the answers. What I *do* know is
that I've got a Celeron 500 that I bought from my brother about two years
ago... by which time he'd lost all the documentation. It would appear that
the linux kernel would like to have a bit more info than that ;).

The book suggests that I find the .config file of the host system's linux
source tree, but I don't know where Red Hat 7.1 put it. Would this .config
file have accurate information regarding my PC's hardware?

Does anyone know of any free / open-source programs out there that can probe
my PC's hardware and give me info on it (like what type of motherboard I've
got, bus speeds, etc., etc.) that I could use from a boot disk? The
advantage of this to me would be that I'd get a better understanding of
exactly what lies under the hood of my PC so that I can use it more
effectively. Once I've got a base LFS system installed, I plan to kill Red
Hat and use my base to install another LFS system, this time playing around
with things like optimization. I'm sure a better understanding of my
hardware would help in this.

Otherwise, I suppose it'll just be a matter of trial and error (and opening
up the case to have a look-see).

Any help would be appreciated.



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