How to disable Screen Blanking

The Cheeze Cheeziologist at
Fri Nov 29 00:29:57 PST 2002

datapatterns at wrote:

>I wanted to avoid the Power Management blanking the screen after the
>is idle for some time. I tried removing the Power Management from the
>and compiled the kernel. I am using kernel 2.4.4. But still, the screen
>getting blanked after some time of system idle.
>Please advice

I would check to be sure that you don't have a setting in your bios that
is powering down the screen. My bios has power management settings in
it. Also, I was under the impression that some energy-star compliant
screens power down of their own volition, with nothing to do with the
operating system. As always, I could be completely off-base, but I hope
I've said acurate info.

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