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J_Man jeremy at
Thu Nov 28 21:20:16 PST 2002

In article <000501c29765$5c158340$3200a8c0 at cheeezexp>, "The Cheeze" wrote:
> I have a very quick question. I am using lfs 4.0. If I wanted to compile
> the 2.4.20 kernel that was released today, can I simply delete the
> 2.4.19 kernel dir I already have and then untar 2.4.20 and build it or
> do I need to leave the kernel directory of the kernel I originally built
> with (i.e is anything symlinked back to that dir that needs the version
> it was built with or something)? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to those
> that celebrated today!

If you followed the LFS book to the letter, you should not have a symlink
in existence, pointing to /usr/src/linux.  That's why we copy the headers
instead of symlink them, because the headers GlibC was built with are the
ones that need to be present.

So, to answer your question, yes you should be safe to just delete the
old 2.4.19 source.

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