future of crosscompiling hint

Nicholas Dille darkyeti at gmx.net
Thu Nov 28 15:58:31 PST 2002

hi everybody,

in the course of the last months i noticed that the time that i spent
working on lfs related stuff was steadily increasing.
this isn't a bad thing at all but i got to a point where i realized that
there are a lot more things that i'd like to look into.

so, there'll be the question about the future of the crosscompiling hint
which i created and maintained. i'd be happy to turn it over to anybody
who speaks up and likes to take over from here. there's no big deal
about taking over 'cause i don't have any unmerged material lying
i have been neglegting it for some time now but those of you who rely on
it should receive proper maintenance!

it has been a really great time with lfs. i learned a lot about the
inner workings of a linux system as well as compilers, linkers and all
the related stuff.

thanks to you all!

rakshas at quietude // C23C1939 // 7793747 // rakshas dot de
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