bison 1.75 and flex

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Wed Nov 27 13:06:33 PST 2002

Jochen Schröder wrote:

> I recall reading about quite a bit of trouble with bison 1.75 not just
> compiling lfs, but also things like X. If you feel really adventurous
> go ahaed else I'd recommend downgrading to 1.35 which is what the
> book uses. Cheers
> Jochen
Just to clarify, the problems that people are seeing with bison 1.5 and
1.75 in BLFS are not really bison problems, they are problems with
sloppy programming in the other packages.  It used to be okay, as far a
bison was concerned, to not properly end a line.  Which in all the
problems I've seen thus far, is nothing short of lazyness of the
developer, in either forgetting to, or just ignoring that you should
teminate the line, because it's accepted on the older versions.  At
anyrate, I'm sure that by now, most of the developers that have these
problems are aware of them and they will be corrected either by patch or
by a new revision in the BLFS book.


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