Adrian Smarzewski adrians at aska.com.pl
Wed Nov 27 14:14:51 PST 2002

> http://hints.us.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/crosscompiling-x86.txt

There is no answer for that questions there. For example:

1) Does configure script detect my machine and let gcc optimize the code
for my processor type? (i686 for example)
2) If the answer (1) is "yes" why should I specify additional CFLAGS="-march=processor_type"
for optimization?
3) If the answer (1) is "yes" why should I specify -march for cross-compiling in addition
to host/target argument to configure?
4) Why optimized applications may not work correctly? optimization in gcc is buggy?
5) You say that for example glibc shouldn't be compiled with CFLAGS, but I must
set it for cross-compiling!
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