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Condon Thomas A KPWA tcondon at kpt.nuwc.navy.mil
Wed Nov 27 08:18:47 PST 2002

Thanks, Grant, it looks interesting.

I've solved the multiple lilo.conf problem by making each boot's
/etc/lilo.conf a symbolic link to /boot/lilo.conf.  Thus I have only one
lilo config no matter which system I boot into.  Unfortunately, the RH7
install doesn't appear to have a compiler (?!?) in it so it won't rebuild
lilo to match the other versions.  Thanks to LFS I can fix this, eventually,
by tracing all the dependencies and installing those items necessary to get
lilo up and running in the same version as the other installs.
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> I don't know much about you other problems, but, I can point 
> you to this..
> http://raster.cibermillennium.com/gageng.htm
> This is what I use for multi-booting, basically, with it you 
> can seperate
> your Linux installs completely. Use it as the main boot 
> loader, and for each
> Linux install, install lilo ( or grub! ) to the either the 
> swap, or root
> partition, install of /dev/hda use /dev/hda1 for example in 
> the lilo.conf
> file for boot= .
> Then using GAG you can setup a boot menu item, to boot which 
> ever partition,
> on which ever drive you choose. ( with the exception of 
> extended partitions,
> IIRC ).
> It saves alot of screwing around, trying to synconize multiple lilo
> configs..

In Harmony's Way, and In A Chord,

Tom  :-})

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