Error compiling bash

Rory Cantwell rorus69 at
Mon Nov 25 01:31:47 PST 2002

"Grant Leslie" <grantl at> wrote

>Do you have the kernel-headers rpm installed??Or, have you changed the 
>kernel source code in anyway?
>Redhat ( and asp as well, I assume ?? ), make symlinks in the /usr/include
>directory, to /usr/src/linux-2.4/include. If you've removed the original
>kernel source, or failed to install the kernel-headers rpm, many packages
>will fail to compile, since they won't be able to find the linux headers.

I havent changed anything (yet) as ive only been using Linux for a couple of 
months.  The kernel-headers rpm should be on the distro's installation 
disks, shouldnt it? Ill try re-installing it tonight, but im pretty sure it 
was part of the default install.  And yeah the kernel source is installed in 
/usr/src/linux-2.4/include.  Thanks for your help Grant! - its so 
frustrating to find I can't compile new programs and stuff for my 

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