silly question, but how do I capture my make errors

Jessica Ard bmerlot at
Sun Nov 24 01:40:19 PST 2002

Hi there.

>>>>> "john" == john smith <no at> writes:

    john> I don't want to have to type the last 20 lines of every error I
    john> get but putting '| tail > errorfile' on the end of my make
    john> command doesn't give me the right results...

    john> how do the experts do it?

    john> gavin

I usually use something like

  make 2>&1 | tee 00make.log

That way I can see make's progress in a terminal while all output,
including errors, also goes to a file.  I like putting a "00" in the
filename so it sorts at the very top of the directory list.

Good luck!

Jessica Ard <bmerlot at>
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