And I Thought Periodontal Surgery Was Painful

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> Its called a source directory and not a folder.  If is has not stopped
> with an error message it has probably worked.
> Have a look in $LFS/static/bin,  is there anything there?  There should
> be an executable file called bash.
> It is quite dangerous to use root to build and install, (at your stage
> of learing).  Why are you not using a user called lfs?
> Chris

Chris & Ken,

Many thanks for you for your responses to my question about the mysterious
Bash install. Awfully sorry both for the tardy follow-up and for having so
clumsily tread upon delicate sensibilities by referring to a source
directory as a mere folder. :-)

Both of you suggested that I look in $LFS/static/bin for the installed
bash-2.05a. Sad to say there is no $LFS/static/bin. I assume the
installation program was to create such a directory. None so named was
created. While the installation "felt" right, as I'd mentioned, I have no
idea what transpired, actually. Information whirred by, and, to the best of
my knowledge, no error messages were presented, but where, then, are the
installed files? I don't think it worked, frankly.

Chris, so that you may feel more comfortable, after having created the user,
lfs, in root, the instructions specifically permit logging on to lfs via
su - lfs. When I made reference to the superuser console, it was because
that simply was the mechanism in use at the time I attempted the
installation. Your concern is appreciated.

John Lowell

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