lfs done, backup?

Jim Murphy friartek at stargate.chicago.il.us
Sat Nov 23 09:32:38 PST 2002

On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 10:25:33PM +0800, Tan Siong Hua wrote:
> after doing tar tvfj, I found that there is only one symlink which is
> mnt/lfs -> /lfs1

tar by default, AFAICR, will back up symlinks and not follow them.
This keeps the archive faithful to the original file system.  You
should use /lfs1 instead of $LFS to back up the partition you want.
You can tell tar to follow symbolic links, but I wouldn't as it will
do it for all symbolic links, and this is *not* what you want, in
almost all cases.

> then I realise that tar will only take symlink as there are and not actually
> working with the target of the symlink.(actually I did think of that
> possibility last night on the bed, but today forgotten.). then I do tar
> cjvf.... and it works(I like to use the verbose option, I want to know what
> is going on.).

There is one problem with doing this.  Most file system backups are
very large, so everthing will just scroll off the page and depending
on how big a scroll back you have, may be lost.  Errors will intermix
with the output and are hard to find.  Tar doesn't stop for all
errors, but reports them and keeps on going.  I would suggest you
either redirect errors to a file that you can check later, or not use
the v option.  Makes trouble shooting a lot easier if you do it this



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