binary only lfs system

Ladislav Danko ladislav.danko at
Fri Nov 22 23:29:15 PST 2002

On Friday 22 November 2002 17:04, Ostash! wrote:
> Hello Tommy!
> 22 ĚÉÓÔĎĐÁÄÁ 2002 Ň. 16:57:15 Tommy Moore wrote
> lfs-support at
> TM> Morning from Florida.
> Evening from Kyiv :)
morning from bratislava, the slovakia ;-)

> TM> I'm interested in building an LFS system for a machine with a
> small hard TM>  drive to use as a firewall and small web server.
> Good idea.
hmmm, web server and firewall on the same machine? never mind, but try 
to be more paranoic (like me ;o))

> TM>   Basically what I'd like to do is on another machine is compile
> LFS and TM>  then copy the system back over to the slower machine.
> Another good idea :))
look into gcc manual;

> TM> I'd like to save lots of space on this other system so I'd like
> to strip TM>  out all the development packages. So what I'd like to
> do is have a system TM>  with only the binaries for the programs I'll
> need compiled with shared TM> libraries like  they would be on a
> normal system.
> TM> How would I go about doing this with out including things like
> gcc and the TM>  other compilers?
> Hm.. Follow the book, but didn't recompile gcc after chrooting.
> Best regards, Ostash!
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