lfs done, backup?

Jim Murphy friartek at stargate.chicago.il.us
Fri Nov 22 05:27:31 PST 2002

On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 06:18:41PM +0800, Tan Siong Hua wrote:
> I get this error.
> can not open, /mnt/lfs is a directory

My first guess would be the you have the wrong order on the command
line.  But the message you gave above doesn't quite reflect that.

	tar cjf lfs.tar.bz2 $LFS
	 1   2       3        4

	1) the tar command
	2) options
		Note the f options here requires the name of the
		archive file.  The file name(3) must come before
		specifying any files/directories(4) to be backed up.
	3) If any options require additional info they would go here
		in the order specified in the option field.
		Historically tar allowed all options to be specified
		at once whether they needed additional info or not.
		Then the additional info would be placed here in the
		same order as they were stated in the options field.
	4) Names of files and/or directories to be backed up.

	tar cjfb <archive file name> <block size> $LFS

	In this example 2 options specified require additional info, f
	and b. There required info is presented in the same order as
	stated in the options field, and before the name(s) of any
	files/directories to be backed up

Hope this helps,


Jim Murphy
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