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Adrian Smarzewski adrians at
Fri Nov 22 03:54:07 PST 2002

> Try and see. I guess it also depends on the software on the cdrom.

It will be original static version of LFS (part II, chapter 5).

> For 
> LFS installation, it shouldn't matter. The information in /proc is 
> backwards compatible. I know some LFS'ers have switched to 2.4.x  very 
> late (or perhaps not yet at all). It doesn't matter for LFS install. 

I'm afraid that it will compile and run, but programs compiled when
kernel 2.0.x was running won't use new capabilities of
kernel 2.4.x (API changed). But maybe compiling with new kernel headers
will do the job... But I found somewhere an advice to use the same kernel
version during compilation (?).

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