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Привіт Yann!

20 листопада 2002 р. 23:59:08 Yann E. MORIN писав lfs-support at linuxfromscratch.org:

YEM>  > > WTF is all that about?
YEM>  > > Lots of little boxes in place of characters.
YEM>  > I guess you don't have support for greek (?) characters installed.
YEM>  > That's at least what I see.

YEM> Rather looks like cyrilic (Russia) to me. But maybe I'm wrong...
You almost right.
YEM> Nonetheless, I don't understand a single word of this.
There were no interesting info for you. That was a template.
YEM> (Note that the answer proper is in english, only greetings are cyrilic).
So what the problem?
YEM> BTW, what is the policy of LFS mailing lists regarding language? I'm french
YEM> and I'm tempted to answer in french to questions originating from a french
YEM> speaking country. I always retain from doing so, but is it OK or not?
I think no. YOu can answer at any languege you want only in direct
mail. But I have to use English in mailing list.

Усього найкращого, Ostash!

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