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Привіт Graz!

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GB> In the LFS CVS 20021018 book it says that this command should be used to
GB> strip-debug the lfs partition.

GB> find $LFS/{,usr/,usr/local/}{bin,sbin,lib} ?type f \
GB> ?exec /usr/bin/strip ??strip?debug '{}' ';'

GB> Now, how should the command look if I want to strip-all and make sure that
GB> no libraries are deleted?
find $LFS/{,usr/,usr/local/}{bin,sbin,} -type f \
═══-exec /usr/bin/strip --strip-all '{}' ';'

But I didn't recommend to use this :) I'm even not recommend to use
any strips on libraries at all if you are developer.
GB> Btw, my lfs is taking up around 600 MB. Will running strip all reduce this
GB> by a considerable amount?
GB>  Is it worth taking the risk?

Усього найкращого, Ostash!

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