And I Thought Periodontal Surgery Was Painful

Chris Lingard chris at
Tue Nov 19 01:27:36 PST 2002

John Lowell wrote:

> Ok, I finally got something to happen with the make install command
> respecting Bash 2.05a. Lots of stuff flashed by on the root superuser
> console, and it took things quite some time to come to rest, but I'm not
> sure if Bash 2.05a is installed or if it isn't, truthfully. My guess is
> that it is not. The original folder is found at
> /mnt/lfs/static/src/bash-2.05a, the locale to which it was moved after the
> package was decompressed originally. But I can't find another folder with
> this name indicating a successful install. I had to have done something
> right because up until now, I kept getting error messages regarding
> ./configure. This time I got some action but don't know how to interpret
> it. Your help is solicited.
> John Lowell

Its called a source directory and not a folder.  If is has not stopped
with an error message it has probably worked.

Have a look in $LFS/static/bin,  is there anything there?  There should
be an executable file called bash.

It is quite dangerous to use root to build and install, (at your stage
of learing).  Why are you not using a user called lfs?


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