Deleting the source code and backing up LFS

Grant Leslie grantl at
Mon Nov 18 11:44:06 PST 2002

Graz Bukanoff wrote:

> First of all, can I delete the source tree of each package 

Should be safe to delete all of them, and just keep the tarball, you can
always re-extract, and recompile later if you need/want to.

> What is the easiest way to backup the system? Is it possible 
> to make a tar 
> file of the whole lfs partition, which would keep all the righ file 
> permissions and special files (like devices) and which I 
> could extract 
> later? 

What I like to do after finisging an lfs build is cd to / as user root
And then run a command like this, to backup everything

tar cvfj /root/lfs-4.0.tar.bz2 $(ls)

It takes quite a while..!!! But the v lets you follow it's progress
It should preserve all the permissions properly, at least it has
everytime I've it..
Just copy this file somewhere off the lfs partition for safe keeping

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