Deleting the source code and backing up LFS

Graz Bukanoff drevenhaug at
Mon Nov 18 11:15:05 PST 2002


I have some questions about LFS.

First of all, can I delete the source tree of each package right after its 
installation or should I wait until the end of the LFS installation? What 
about the glibc-build, gcc-build and eventually other *-build directories 
that are created in the source directory when doing chapter 6, are they 
necessary or can they be deleted?

What is the easiest way to backup the system? Is it possible to make a tar 
file of the whole lfs partition, which would keep all the righ file 
permissions and special files (like devices) and which I could extract 
later? if it is possible, how can I make it? If not, what alternative is 

I'm installing LFS for the second time because I run out of space the first 
time so I copied all the files to my windows partition with a utility to 
access Linux partition. Then I resized the lfs partition but when I copied 
back all the files they had lost all their permissions and nothing worked 

Thanks in advance.

Graz Bukanoff

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